People of any age can enjoy Indoor games. They are timeless and leisurely. In the past, Carrom was popular indoors with people of all ages. It is a handful of gaming activities that have company throughout our lives. This game helps in enhancing concentration and analytical thinking.

Carrom is a strategic indoor game that requires a lot of the ability to think critically. It isn’t easy to select a perfect carrom board brand. In this content, you will learn how to select a carrom board for an Indoor game.

What is Carrom?

Carrom is a unique indoor game. This game is a combination of pool and air hockey. It is a popular indoor house game in European and Asian countries. This popularity induces different variations of the game.
The Carrom Board game includes a square wooden board with four corner pockets and a striker piece. They are known as carrom men when the piece flicks towards the target pieces. To win the game, you must collect by sinking the nine carrom men (black or white), followed by the queen coin before the competitor.
Carrom is popular because it is different from other indoor games, as it doesn’t require any dice. This game requires physical and mental skill to win, similar to billiards, pool games, air hockey, and marbles. It is easy, effortless to understand, and equally entertaining to play. It is a game of a maximum of 4 and a minimum of 2 people.
Carrom is a game of excitement, also known as Finger Board.

Carrom Accessories

To Play Carrom, You Require Fundamental And Only Accessories. Here Are They:

Carrom Boar:

The Board of Carrom is square and plyboard board. It is fixed with a wooden frame and four netted sockets on each corner. The board’s playing surface is a square plywood board with specific patterns on it. The plywood is a polished, smooth surface with slight friction.
If you are looking for a standard carrom board? The Board size is 74*74, which is 29 square. The smaller size borders are available too; they are for children. Larger size boards are suitable for people who are familiar with the game and want to experience different challenges.
Varieties of carrom boards are available with varying borders and frame widths. The range starts from 1.25(about 33mm) to 3.00 (about 75 mm). Heavier and thicker carrom boards are exclusive and pricey. But they are considered the best board to play. This is due to the better cannon effect and rebound factor.
The Four pockets or holes on each corner of the board are netted underneath to contain the men or striker. The board is supported by wooden bracings, securing the border and plywood.

Carrom Men:

Carrom men are 19th soft wooden or acrylic discs. There are nine white coins and nine black coins. The additional red or pink coin is known as Queen—the Wooden carrom men used for the game’s inception and standard accessory. Nowadays, acrylic has gained popularity because they are lighter and smoother.
The important difference between the gameplay of wooden ones and acrylic ones. It is easier to control and manipulate the wooden ones. The acrylic ones are less harsh and slide better than the wooden ones on the board.

Carrom Striker:

The acrylic disc is a carrom striker. They are larger and heavier than coins and are used to strike the coins into pockets. You have seen plenty of strikers available. One has to choose a carrom coin and striker that looks good. It is important to pick a striker of good quality, not a lightweight. On the board’s surface, they are smooth and provide high impact.

Carrom Powder:

Carrom powder is another essential accessory of the game. To reduce the friction between the board and the coin, the powder is sprinkled on the board surface—smoother the board and better the coin’s slide.
Two types of carrom powder are available. The traditional powder is based on boric acid to reduce friction. Second is Teflon and disco powder; they enhance performance exponentially.
The primary distinction between boric powder and Teflon powders is the way that boric reduces friction, while Teflon powder contains microspheres that act as rollers. Teflon powder enhances the speed and is better than boric powder since it is an abrasive of shots and can damage the carrom boards.
Before the game, you should use a small amount of Boric or Teflon powder. Do not use both powders at the same time for smoothness and friction.

How to Clean a Carrom Board?

Do you want to increase the life of the board? Yes, from time to time, cleaning the board can increase your board life. Most of the time, the powder gets stuck in some places. It is annoying, and the board will be in worse condition if it is not cleaned.
  1. Clean the carrom board with cigarette paper. Make sure that you have covered all the corners and edges.
  2. Once you have caught all the minute particles out of their crevasses. Pick a soft cloth and a little damp in the water (not too wet). Wipe the board with a damp cloth and clean it.
  3. Wipe dry cloth and cover the carrom board. Don’t leave the carrom board open; wear and tear may occur.
  4. Before using the carrom board, sprinkle some boric powder and reduce friction.


Carrom board is needed for the fun indoor game. Similar to any other sport, the game gets competitive. It features a carrom on the board that is unlike any other game played on a board. With patience, the proper practice, and concentration, one can master the Carrom. This game doesn’t require any luck; skill is essential.
Before purchasing any carrom board, make sure you have picked the right size and powder. One of the trusted manufacturers of sports accessories is Freep Sports. They have the best quality carrom board at an affordable price. Buying a carrom board online from them would be a good choice. They guide you in selecting the best board for you and many more.
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